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Happy Diwali wishing 2020 Happy Lakshmi Puja wishing Script 2020. It is one of the most-awaited and colorful religious festivals. The festival is celebrated on Sunday 14 November.

Diwali Wishing Script For Blogger 2020. If you also want to make your website of your script. And if you want to do Earnings this Diwali app then you must read this article carefully. Why in this article I will give you Diwali Wishing Script I am going to give 2020. This will be an absolutely premium wishing script which you can download for absolutely free. And in this article you will get all the information about the wishing script.

As you know Diwali is the most important and India’s Biggest Festival for all. which is coming on Saturday 14 November. Everyone is celebrating this occasion with his family, relative and friends. and everyone is sending wishes to friends and family and even relatives. What if you give a great new way to share emotions. I am talking about the most attractive and simple  Diwali Wishing Script 2020.

Last time I have written an article on merry Christmas Wishing Script & Lots of peoples earned a lot and seeing your successful results. In today’s article, we have something special for you… It’s “Diwali Wishing Script” 2020 which you can download absolutely free and easy way and you can make a Wishing website by installing on Blogger and WordPress.

For this, you don’t need to obtain a Top-Level name Domain. You can use any free domain like as Blogspot.com, .xyz, .tk, .ml etc. But I would recommend you taking the .tk domain from freenom.com as it looks classy when you send your script to another person. Further, you can use blogspot.com and if you have an Adsense account then you can paste your AdSense ads code in the Lakshmi wishing script. Alternatively  alos you can use Amazon affiliate product links and other affiliate program , Propeller Ad Code, google Admobs ad code, Adsterra Ad code etc. But I would personally recommend you to don’t use any google ads code if you have only one AdSense account and your earning is depending on it because by using AdSense code in Viral Script may tantamount to suspension or permanent deletion of your Adsense account.

So better be safe. Therefore, I would suggest using Adsense alternatives such as Amazon affiliate product links, propeller ads, Adsterra or any other alternative affliate ad network. Please note, Safe and permanent earning are always better than short earning. Now, Choice is yours.

What is Diwali wishing script?

Diwali wishing scripts 2020 that share with their friends and relatives via Facebook massage on whatsapp. This wishing script is a massage that is like a small site with a most attractive animation. It has wishing massages, wishes, quotes written along with gif and photos in it. Which we find very attractive to see.

And Money can also be earned through Diwali festivals wishing script. Yes friends many people earn good money by using blogging and sites the event and wishing script. Those who get coding create a wishing own website through coding. For this, by spending money by register  old and new domain and make a good website and earn online viral script massage.

If you want to earn money of festivals wishing script too. So we have brought it for you free. You do not need to do any coding knowledge. No need to spend money for a domain. On blogger. you can also create a domain blogspot register for free by editing premade diwali wishing script 2020 a little.

Advantages of Diwali Wishing Script

It is made for Diwali Wishing Script 2020 which also features Timer setting. So that whenever you send this Wishing Website to the friends and relatives. they will not only get Wish but will also keep in mind when is Diwali coming.

Now let’s talk about your benefits. you can put Adsense Ads code in both these scripts so that both these Wishing Websites will be monetized and you can have best revenue. Therefore, you must make this Diwali a Wishing Website 2020 and send it to your friends and relatives using social media.


  • Includes Wishes, GIFs, Animated Pictures, AutoPlay song, wishes, quotes and a Youtube Video
  • This theme is Adsense Friendly but I recommend not using your AdSense codes in wishing Viral Script.
  • You can use any type of ad code here.
  • Mobile-Friendly (You can view this wishing script either in Desktop or in mobile).
  • Easily Shareable on Whatsapp and facebook to increase the revenue.
  • Very Fast Loading Speed.
  • Auto-Set Hindi and English message while sharing on Whatsapp and other social media network.
  • Customizable.

Happy Diwali wishing viral script make website Blogger

Now Let friends tell you how to upload on diwali wishing script 2020 on  blogger and website. Installing on blogger is very easy. and how to customize diwali wishing script 2020? Learn step by step –

  1. If you do not have an account on blogger, then you enter gmail id and register on blogger.
  2. When you are logged in on Blogger then click on create new blog account.
  3. Now you should keep the title name and domain name similar to diwali wishng.
  4. Then click on the theme.
  5. Switch to classic and simple theme by going to Edit html.
  6. Click on the side of edit html to select the classic theme
  7. go to change navar panel and turn it off.
  8. Click in edit code html, then the theme edit will be open, now select ctrl + A and delete all the code on blog.
  9. Now Joe has downloaded his Happy Diwali wishing viral script 2020. Open it in notepad++ and paste all its code in this edit html.
  10. Paste the code in edit html and click on save. After that you can also see by blogging the view .

How to Customize Your Wishing Script Website?

To customize the wishing script, First of all, you need to download Notepad++, it’s a free source code editor tool. Or you can customize directly in Blogger. then you need to change 3-4 things:

  1. Google Analytics Code –  You need to add Google Analytics code to track the traffic status of your website, Is it going to Viral or not? (For reference check Above Image)
  2. Website Address – You need to change the URL of the website, Just search <meta property=”og:url”  and here you will see a website address. In my case, Its “HappyDiwaliWishes-India.blogspot.com”. Replace this URL with your own website URL.
  3. Adsense Ads Code – You need to add your Adsense ads code to earn money from the display ads. If you don’t have Google Adsense Account, You can apply here or you can check these Best Alternatives of Google Adsense.
  4. Image & Text: Here we have added some Text and Images just for good look and feel. If you want to change the Text & Images. You can replace it. (Make sure you have a basic knowledge about HTML/PHP Coding)


Diwali  Wishing Script 2020

merry christmas wishing script

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