Durga Puja wishing Script for Blogger Free Download 2020 Navratri Wishing Script

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Happy Durga Puja 2020 Happy Durga Puja wishing Script 20 It is one of the most-awaited and colorful religious festivals. The festival is celebrated on 25 october.

In this post, I am going to tell you a free Durga Puja web script made with PHP JavaScript CSS and HTML. With this free  wishing script. you can create a webpage to wish your friends and relative. You can also use this script to earn money using AdSense or other advertising networks very easy way as you can get a huge traffic from with this script.
So just download Maa Durga Puja Web Script and enjoy.

Durga Puja: It is one of the most-awaited and colorful religious festivals. The festival is celebrated on the arrival of the Goddess Maa Durga. It is also celebrated for the triumph of good over evil, and to spread love and happiness.  it is celebrated differently in various regions of India. The western part of the country celebrates it as Navratri and worship the nine forms of Durga for nine days. This divine festival of love, power, and family, brings forth an occasion to celebrate humanity and the cultural heritage of the country.

Navratri wishing script has been brought for you in welcome friends. this wishing script is considered very good and also very  too much good for advertisement. Today everyone wants to earn money, hence Navratri 2020 wishing script for blogger is brought for you guys. Every year in the month of October. Durga Puja comes and you will want that if you are able to earn good money by creating ads of Durga Puja wishing script by advertising ads network, then you will need a good durga puja wish script and fast loading speed  and you were able to show more and more advertisements in it so that you can get money as well as that script is good looking and beautiful and with a good note, then I have brought a wish for you with some other good features.

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What is a wishing script ?

Wishing scripts are simple PHP/HTML and css scripts designed to share on social media Network on some special events and occasions like Diwali, merry chrishtmas Ganesh Chaturthi, Independence Day, Janmashtami, Raksha Bandhan, New Year, Durga Puja, Diwali etc.

They are created in a way to attract new users and convince them to open and share with others people and relative. These are very beautiful and appealing in look when opened and hence make users to share with other users.

Feature of this durga puja wishing script: –

  1. This is a beautiful and good looking script.
  2. This advertisement is friendly in which you can place 3 advertisements.
  3. You can find out traffic tax (5) You can install it easily in blogger.
  4. You can remove one of these things and give them the look of your mind from yourself
    whatsapp and Facebook share button.
  5.  It loads fast, its loading speed is very high.
  6. You have Google Analytics code.

Requirement of this Durga puja wishing script: –

You will need these things to install this script
1. a wishing script
2. Notepad ++ or any other html editor
3.  An ads network from which you can earn
4.  A domain name
6. Blogger account

How to install this durga puja wishing script: –

Follow these steps to install a script and create a wishing website.

1. First of all download the script from our link
2. Now open notepad ++ or other html editor and edit the script
3. Now you should remove our share link and put a link to your website and our Place your ad after removing the ad and all others
4. Now open blogger.com
5. Now create a new blog
6. Now go to the themed option and click on edit html
7. Now which html If you select it, remove it and leave it blank
8. Now paste your edited html there
9. Now click on save now your website is ready. now you can earn money by making it viral.

How it work: –

You must have noticed that some times a link is sent to you on whatsapp and Facebook and when you click on it, a small wish opens on your phone and also shows the ad and show the ad to the person who created it. If you get money, then you will understand how it works

How to viral durga puja wishing script: –

Friends, this website is easy to create, but it is equally difficult to make it viral, so I will tell you an easy way by which you will be able to make it viral. Friends, you should share your link in whatsapp groups and facebook groups and also your family and friends. Share and ask them to share this way that more people will be able to reach your website and you will be able to earn more money and share your website on quora, it will bring more traffic to your website and if your website is definitely on Google, it will go through Google People will also be able to access your website and if you do not know how to put a website on Google, then there are posts on our website for this.

How to set ads in durga puja wishing script: –

Friends, you can put ads in this durga puja wishing web script very well, just when you open this script on a notepad, only then you put a 728×90 size banner on the haider as well as a 336×280 size banner on the center and also on the botem. Put a 336×280 size Bener and you can also place a footer ads and also a popup ads and earn maximum money.

Best ads network for this durga puja wishing script: –

1. popads.net is a good ad network, these friends for durga puja wishing script , it gives good popup ads, this cpm is very much in India too friends, if you do not have google adsense account, then you use popads.net And increase your earnings India.
3. a-ads .com This website gives you money in bitcoin, this very good website, it gives you $ 0.5 less than 1000 impresons, it gives you money in 48 hours.
3. You can earn maximum money using bulletprofit.com These are also a good website. These websites also give you paytm and money in Indian Bank. These are companies in


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