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Eid Al Adha Date, Importance, History And Significance

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Download Adrosoft AD Audio Recorder 5.8.1 Crack With Serial Key [Latest] FreeEid al Adha is one of the festivals of the Muslim community. which basically symbolizes the end of the Hajj or Pilgrimage to Makkah. The festival of Eid is also celebrated as a sacrifice, the festival of Eid basically commemorating Abraham’s faith and devotion to Allah. According to the Muslim community. Allah had asked Abraham to sacrifice his beloved son, even though he was a good man and loved his son so much.

His devotion and faith to Allah was so strong that he would love his beloved He did not hesitate at all to sacrifice his son. But when he wanted to sacrifice his blindfold to sacrifice, a lamb was sacrificed in his place. It was a miracle of Allah that Allah did not sacrifice his son. but sacrificed the lamb. This proved to be a pious event in the history of Islam religion whereby Muslims now celebrate Eid al Adha as a festival every year to receive the blessings and forgiveness of Allah.Eid ul adhaEid al Adha began to be celebrated by the Muslim community. This festival is celebrated every year around the world with prayers, sacrifices and food. Eid al Adha is also known as Eid and is one of the second most important festival in the religion of Islam.  Eid ul Adha takes place in the month of hajj on the 10th of Zil hajj after all the pilgrims to Makkah have performed the obligatory events.

History of Eid ul Fitr and ramdan History of Islamic Importance

Many Muslims gather in the United States, Canada and Muslim Country Arabia and offer morning prayers in an open environment rather than in a mosque. After the morning prayers, people gather with their relatives and friends and they enjoy Eid together. In Egypt, people of all Muslim religions celebrate the festival of Eid by offering morning prayers and enjoying the feast.

Morning prayer and sermon during this Eid holiday is an important element and Muslim tradition. People visit each other to enjoy and enjoy this historic day in Egypt. People also sacrifice in the form of goat, cow, lamb and camel. It is distributed among the poor people as a donation after meeting the sacrifice.

Eid festival is also celebrated as a four-day event in Pakistan. All stores remain closed on Eid and Muslims, like other countries, gather for prayers and listen to discourses in the mosque. And it is celebrated in the same manner in countries like Morocco and Bangladesh. According to the Shari’a, the sacrifice is valid for every man and woman who has 13 thousand rupees or equal to gold and silver or all three is also equal to 13 thousand rupees.

Happy Eid Mubarak Wishes, Greetings, Images, Photos, Cards

Both Eid has great importance according to the Shariah as well as Eid also enhances social brotherhood. A feature of the day of Eid is also that the people of the city perform a special prayer, for which they gather at one place in the city, it is called Eidgah. After this namaz, everyone embraces and congratulates each other. The joy of Eid can be seen especially in children.

According to Islamic belief, this festival of Qurbani’s Eid, celebrated almost seventy days after the end of the holy month of Ramadan, is the main festival of people who believe in the religion of Islam.

Why do we celebrate Eid ul Adha?

Ibrahim Alaiyy Salam was a Prophet. One day Allah commanded His dream to sacrifice his beloved son Ismail in the way of Allah. It was a test of time for Ibrahim alaiy salaam, in which on the one hand was the love of his beloved son and on the other the command of Allah. In order to prove his devotion to Allah. Abraham agreed to sacrifice his beloved son Ismail Alayi Salam.

Allah is Rahim Karim and he knows the condition of everyone’s heart very well. As Abraham alaiy saluted his beloved son by sacrificing his knife, the angel of the angels, Jibril Amin, quickly took the lightning fast Ismail alaiy salam from under the knife and replaced him with a lamb.

Which led to the sacrifice of the lamb by not sacrificing his beloved son at the hands of Abraham Alai Salam. After this Jibril Amin told the good news to Abraham Alay Salaam that Allah has accepted his sacrifice and Allah is very happy with this devotion.

What is the purpose of sacrifice

As we all know, Allah knows the condition of everyone’s heart. And he knows very well what his intention is behind the sacrifice the man is giving. When one obeys the command of Allah and only sacrifices for the King of Allah, then surely he will gain the grace of Allah.

But if someone makes a sacrifice to make a sacrifice or come to Taqqabur. Then he will keep going. The sacrifice should never be done for the sake of respect. but it is done by considering it as the worship of Allah. Allah knows all things to his devotees.

Eid-ul-Adha: Learn how to sacrifice

For the Muslim community Allah has celebrated Eid ul Adha . one of the two Eid in the year. Eid-ul-Adha is commemorated by Prophet Hazrat Ibrahim Alayi Salam in remembrance of the sacrifice of his son Hazrat Ismail Alayi Salam at the command of Allah.

On the command of Allah when Hazrat Ibrahim prepared to sacrifice his  beloved son Ismail. which Allah accepted. Allah liked his style so much that it was justified on the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Sallaho Alaih and Sallam. The Prophet had decreed that the animals of the sacrifice would be riders of the bridge on the day of doom.

Sacrifice method:

  • The animal offered in sacrifice must be perfectly healthy and without any disease .
  • While sacrificing it is compulsory to sacrifice the animal by reciting a prayer while reciting the Qibla stance.
  • The meat of the sacrifice should be divided into three equal parts. one part for own house, Second part for relatives and friends and third part of meat for  the poor.

Who sacrifices :

The sacrificial sacrifice of the rules of Muslim religion is valid for every man and                  woman who has 13 thousand rupees or equal to silver and gold or all three,                        including 13 thousand rupees. He deserves a sacrifice.


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