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This New Year celebration is celebrated with great pomp and gaiety all over the world. Everyone believes that the new year always brings new hopes and happiness.

So everyone happily welcomes it on the occasion of New Year. All people gather to welcome it from the night of 31 December.

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On this day, everyone remembers the important events of the past year and assesses the circumstances under which the whole year was spent.

And to fulfill the shortcomings that year, take a new resolution on the auspicious occasion of the new year and with full hard work and dedication get involved in doing that work.

On December 31, there is a special movement in the markets, all the markets are decorated with colorful lights, flowers and decorative items, all people buy new clothes, sweets, new items etc. on this day.

Special types of events are organized on the evening of 31 December. Rich people hold big parties, play a lot of songs and have fun. On this day almost all hotels are booked for parties, including specials for the New Year reception. Type of events are organized.

Normal people go on picnics on this day and spend time with their family. As soon as it is 12:00 pm on the night of December 31, everyone wishes each other a happy New Year.

Everybody presents their beloved people with sweets, floral bunches and good greeting cards. In many big countries special fireworks are done on this occasion, which looks very beautiful.

Many big organizations and people have affection on the occasion of New Year on which all people meet and congratulate each other. so we provide Happy new year wishing script.

Most bloggers don’t know coding like PHP or javascript and HTML language so they are not able to make happy new year wishing script but don’t worry I am providing Happy new year Whatsapp viral script. Share and Enjoy !

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