Importance of Merry Christmas Day | Merry Christmas 2019 Images | Merry Christmas Wishes

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Importance of Marry Christmas Day | Merry Christmas 2019 Images | Merry Christmas Wishes

The Christmas festival is the main festival of Christianity. Mainly, children are waiting for the whole year. Christmas is a festival of joy. Christmas is a festival celebrated in the joy of the birth of Jesus Christ. Let us tell you that the first Christmas Day was celebrated in Rome in the year 336 AD.  Marry Christmas Day is considered the 25th of December December when the Lord Jesus was born in Bethlehem to a couple named Mary and Joseph.

It is believed that Jesus was born for the good of humanity and people, that’s why people celebrate this day with so much enthusiasm. Christmas is one of the most important festivals of Christianity. Christmas is a festival which is not only celebrated with pomp abroad, but also in India, there is a lot of enthusiasm about this festival and people celebrate it till New Year.

The story behind Christmas

Importance of Marry Christmas Day | Merry Christmas 2019 Images | Merry Christmas Wishes

The day of the birth of Jesus, considered the son of God, is considered very important for the people of Christianity. Jesus was the one who taught people a new way of living and saved them from all kinds of sorrows and sufferings. It is believed that Jesus was born at a time when the society was full of evil practices like greed, hatred, superstition, violence etc.

Importance of Marry Christmas Day | Merry Christmas 2019 Images

He was sent by God to show the people the way of light and truth on earth. so that they can overcome the problems of darkness, turmoil, sorrow, suffering inside people, and Christmas is the day when the defenders of humanity like Jesus Was born. The history of Christmas, the festival of love and harmony, is several thousand years old. According to the religious book Bible of Christianity.

Importance of Marry Christmas Day | Merry Christmas 2019 Images |

The main God of Christianity was born on this day from the womb of Mother Mary, hence this festival is celebrated. At the same time it is also believed that before the birth of Jesus Christ it was predicted that on earth a son of God would be born who would grow up to be a king and there would be no limit to his kingdom.

Importance of Marry Christmas Day | Merry Christmas 2019 Images

Apart from this, before the birth of Jesus Christ, it was also predicted that this son will get the whole world free from suffering and will guide people and teach them to follow the right path and save the whole world. At the same time, it happened later that he devoted his life to the service of other people.

christmas day 2019

Let me tell you that Mata Maryam and Yusuf got married. After marriage, both of them moved to a place called Brethalheim in the province of Judea. It was here that the night of Christ was born in a cowshed.

At the same day, a star shone very brightly in the sky, and this made people realize that the Messiah was born to escape the rule of Rome. At the same time, people used to celebrate the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ as Christmas Day – Christmas Day.

marry Christmas day 2019

Different scholars have different opinions about the Christmas festival. At the same time, this festival has a different significance for the people of Christianity.

Let us tell you that initially the people of Christianity were not of the same opinion about the birth of Christ, some say 14 December, some say 10 June and some celebrate their birthday on 2 February. At the same time, in the third century, it was started to celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ on 25 December.

Let us also tell you that Kattawadi Christians and purist Christians have always expressed their opposition to the celebration of Christmas festival.

marry christmas

At the same time, in 1645 when Oliver Cromwell and his purist army occupied England, he first stopped celebrating Christmas, but after a short time when Charles-II ruled England, again on the demand of Christmas. The festival began to be celebrated.

In Boston, there was a legal ban on celebrating the Christmas festival from 1659 to 1681, even those celebrating it were fined 5 shillings, which according to that era was a lot of money. Apart from this, English modalities were also considered bad after the American Revolution. After this, on 26 June 1870, the first Christmas in America was declared a Federal Holiday.

In this way, the Christmas festival was gradually celebrated all over the world. On this day, a state holiday has also been declared in many countries.

However, there are different stories about celebrating Christmas on 25 December. The 12-day celebration of Christmas also begins with Christmas – Christmas Tide.

On Christmas day people make a variety of dishes, cut cakes and meet friends and give gifts to each other. In addition, there is a tradition of decorating the Christmas-Christmas tree.

Importance of Marry Christmas Day | Merry Christmas 2019 Images | Merry Christmas Wishes

Who is Santa Claus?

Importance of Marry Christmas Day | Merry Christmas 2019 Images | Merry Christmas Wishes

Today Christmas – Christmas feast has come to mean Santa Claus, who in a red-white dress with a long white beard and long hair and hangs a bag full of chocolates and gifts for children in his shoulders, comes with Christmas – Christmas bell. Huh. And then give gifts to children and bless them to live life happily. Children of Santa Claus wait all year, while Santa is also called Christmas – Christmas Father.

Because the children are confident that their beloved Santa Uncle will come and give them chocolates and gifts at the holy festival of Christmas. At the same time, special programs are organized on this occasion in most schools. At the same time, the Christmas-Christmas fantasy is incomplete without Santa Claus.

Celebration of the twelve days of Christmas

merry christmas celebrate

The Christmas festival is celebrated for twelve days, known as twelve day. The first day of Twelve day is Christmas, the day Jesus Christ was born. Its second day is Boxing Day or Saint Stephen’s Day, which is celebrated as their martyrdom. The third day is celebrated as a feast for the contribution made by St. John A postal to the Book of Revolution. The fourth day is celebrated as the feast of the holy innocents. The fifth day is celebrated as a feast for Saint Thomas Beckett.

The sixth day is commemorated in memory of the saint Gavin of the Worcester, who was considered the protector of orphans and widows. The seventh day is celebrated as a celebration of New Year’s Eve. The eighth day is dedicated to the tribute of Mother Mary. The ninth day is celebrated in honor of Saint Basil.

The tenth day is celebrated for the christening of Jesus in the Holy Temple and the eleventh day is celebrated as a feast in memory of Saint Simon. Similarly, the twelfth day of this festival is celebrated as the evening of Epiphany, which is the last day of this twelve day festival of Christmas.

Some special things related to Christmas tree

Christmas tree santa clause

Apples planted on Christmas tree for the first time in Germany.

The tradition of decorating Christmas on Christmas began in Germany. At the same time, in the 19th century, the Christmas tree started to be decorated in England, then gradually the tradition of decorating Christmas was followed in many other countries and thus decorating the Christmas tree on Christmas day has become a trend.

Let us tell you that the custom of decorating the Christmas tree and putting food items in it first started in Germany. When it was wrapped in gold, the apple wrapped in work, decorated with gingerbread.

On the birth of Lord Jesus, the angel gifted the mother Mary evergreen fur

It is also believed that the Christmas tree is also related to the birth of Jesus Christ, the head of Christianity. At the same time, when he was born, angels who greeted his parents Mary and Joseph were also included.

Who gifted him the stars with a lighted evergreen fur. Ever since, the evergreen Christmas fur tree has been recognized as a Christmas tree. Family members decorate Christmas tree together From the Christmas Festival, Christianity prepares the Christmas tree from wood and then decorates it.

At the same time, most of the candles and toffees, bells and ribbons of different colors decorate it beautifully. It is also believed that keeping it in the house removes evil spirits. And positive energy flows.

Preparations begin several days before Christmas, carols are sung and prayers are offered by the Christian community. On this day, the church is specially decorated all over the world and Jesus’ birthplace is displayed as tableaux and devotional songs are sung in churches all over the world.

And on the night between 24-25 December, the birthday celebrations take place from morning to morning. Christmas trees are also decorated in churches. On this day the church is quite bright.

Non-Christian people also celebrate this festival of love as a religious and cultural celebration. During this time, there is a lot of excitement in the markets too.

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Christmas festival in India

Christmas festival in India

The Christmas festival in India is celebrated with much enthusiasm and grandeur. In which people all over India meet their families and loved ones and spend time with them. On this day, large family banquets are organized, in which many delicious dishes are served and on this day the Christmas tree is trimmed, it is decorated with many colorful frills. On Christmas, the markets are filled with decorative items like colorful skirts and bells.

The festival of Christmas is celebrated in the most grand manner in Goa region in India. Due to this festival, the whole atmosphere becomes happy and in the joy of this day people dance, sing and enjoy with their family and friends. Along with this, the ringing bells of the church, the bright lights of Christmas songs and the way home add to the joy of this festival even more. Along with this, many types of dishes served on the Christmas festival like fruit cakes, pastries and juices make everyone’s mouth water.

Christmas tree

Importance of Marry Christmas Day | Merry Christmas 2019 Images | Merry Christmas Wishes

The Christmas festival can never be complete without discussion of the Christmas tree. This practice of decorating the Christmas tree has been going on for a long time, it is considered to be a symbol of Jesus. Cedar or Spryce trees are used naturally as Christmas trees. On this day, people decorate the Christmas tree with all kinds of stars, balloons, skirting and gifts etc. It is believed that the Christmas tree transmits positive energy in us and removes evil and evil.

Santa Claus

Importance of Marry Christmas Day | Merry Christmas 2019 Images | Merry Christmas Wishes

Santa Claus or Saint Nicholas are an integral part of Christmas. It is believed that Santa Claus arrives on a sleigh carted by seven deer and distributes gifts to children on Christmas. Children are very excited about this festival because they are eagerly waiting for the gifts received by Santa Claus. On this day many people disguise Santa Claus and distribute chocolates and gifts among the children.

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Christmas Recipes & Banquets

Christmas is the feast of feast, on this day people get discharged from their daily activities and enjoy all kinds of food. Every country has its own special dish and on Christmas people make this dish with great enthusiasm. Cakes and cookies prepared at Christmas are enjoyed separately. It is a festival when they get together with their friends and family members to enjoy delicious dishes and exchange a wide variety of gifts.

Help needy children.

In this world, every person asks for their happiness, but by helping needy children, you can take their blessings. Which will surely ensure your happiness along with spiritual satisfaction. You can give them food and drink as a gift to poor children. Christmas is a festival that promotes love and affection among people. This is the reason that people start wishing each other Christmas wishes on the evening of December 24. A day before the Christmas festival. This is the time when people meet their friends and families and increase their mutual love and love and unity. This Christmas festival gives us a sense of forgiveness, brotherhood and renunciation taught by Jesus Christ, which we can adopt in our life to lead manhood to the path of progress.

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