Merry Christmas Wishing Script 2019 Free Download | 25th December Whatsapp Wishing Script Free Download

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Merry Christmas Wishing Script 2020 Free Download | 25th December Whatsapp Wishing Script Free Download

Purpose – Christmas is a festival of Christians. it is celebrated with great pomp on December 25 all over the world. Christmas is celebrated by people all over the world, it is celebrated on 25 December every year, especially by people of Christianity. It is celebrated on the birthday of Lord Jesus, the God of Christians who started Christianity.

This festival comes in the cold season every year, although people celebrate it with full fun, activity and happiness. This is an important festival for Christians, for which they make a lot of preparations.

merry christmas eve 2019

Preparations for this festival begin a month in advance and the festival ends 12 days after Christmas. Cake is very important on this day. People also give each other cakes as a gift and invite them to the banquet.

Christians make different types of cakes in their home. On this day, people decorate the Christmas tree, celebrate with their friends, relatives and neighbors and distribute gifts.

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On the midnight of this day, at 12 o’clock, Santa Claus comes to everyone’s house and quietly keeps cute gifts for children in their homes. The children are also very happy the next morning after receiving the gift of their choice.
Story of being called a big day – The main reason for calling it a big day is that on this day, the days that fall short in winter start getting bigger respectively.

Preparing to celebrate Christmas – On Christmas day every Christian cleans and decorates his house well. Congregational prayers are performed in the churches amid colorful flags and lighting. On this day, Christmas tree is also decorated in Christian homes and flowers, balloons, toys etc. are tied on it. Candles are lit on an insane tree. This festival gives the message of love, brotherhood and friendship.

Mutual harmony – On Christmas people also send greeting cards (cards) to each other. On this occasion, people exchange gifts. Children look forward to this day, ‘Santa Claus’, called ‘Father Christmas’. This tradition is similar to the way people wait for Lakshmi’s arrival at night on Diwali.

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Epilogue – Jesus taught us the lesson of poverty and love for the afflicted. We need to follow his teachings. On this occasion, Christian religious women, men, boys, old men, young men and women wear special costumes and meet each other and say Happy Christmas. Apart from Christians (Christianity) people of other religions also give Christmas greetings to Christians. Thus we can say that this is also a sacred festival of mutual harmony.

On this day, people celebrate till late night by dancing or dancing in malls and restaurants. People of Christianity worship Lord Jesus. It is believed that the lord (offspring of God) was sent to the people on earth to save their lives and protect them from sins and sorrows.

Importance of Merry Christmas Day | Merry Christmas 2019 Images | Merry Christmas Wishes

To celebrate the good works of Jesus Christ, this Christmas celebration is celebrated by the people of the Christian community and we give a lot of love and respect. It is a public and religious holiday when almost all government and non-government institutions are closed.

we are all busy decorating our houses and shopping. This is the time people exchange gifts and spread love, send greetings with their loved ones as it’s all about joy, festive and love. This Php Viral Script can send greetings with your name to your loved ones with nice decorating and styles. You can spread love message to people or viral this script on Xmas Festival.merry christmas wishing script 2019.jpg

Merry Christmas Wishing Script 2020

merry christmas wishing script

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