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Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14. wish you php script Wishes for Valentine day wishing script free download It is a festival of romantic and love share Now.

Valentine’s day is not a festival that is celebrated in the name of a religious faith. rather it was started in the name of a saint named “Saint Valentine“. There is a book “Aria of Jacobus de Warzin” which mentions them.

It states that he was a clergy saint of the country of Rome. He gave great importance to love and taught people to love. At that time, the king of Rome used to be “Claudius”, a ferocious king. Suddenly he came to know that people have become so busy in family life that they do not want to join the army. He is not concerned with the security of the country.

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The biggest reason for this came out that people believe in living a happy life by getting married. To end this problem, this king issued orders in his country that from now on there will be no marriage.

This is the case of the year 269 when there were not many inventions in the world. This announcement of the king created an atmosphere of chaos in the country. People were forced to be enlisted in the army and people were beaten up.

valentine day wishing script

After this Saint Valentin opposed it and he got married to many soldiers. It taught the common people that you have every right to love, marry and live with your family. No one can stop you from doing this.

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The saint continuously started doing works that spread the feeling of love among the people. Finally one day when the king came to know about this, he put Valentin in jail and the same Valentin was hanged.

Since then, this day is celebrated continuously in his memory. The day he was hanged was also the day of February 14, which is why this day was chosen. After this, a large number of people started getting married on this day and it was considered a day of love.

Valentine day Wishing Script

Hello friends, as you all know that today viral Wishing Scripts are very much used on social media and everybody likes to share it very much. In such a situation, if you want to do online earning easily by creating a Wishing Website on this Valentine day event, then this Valentine day Wishing Script is the best for you.

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Because all the things have been advanced in this script. Here you also get Gif Images with Attractive PNG Images and also Auto Play Music and valentine Video status. Which makes this viral script very attrative.

All you have to do is download this Wishing Script and make some important changes like adding the URL of your website and placing ads.

Advantages of this Valentine day Wishing script

  • Google Adsense Friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Social Media Share Buttons (Whatsapp & Facebook)
  • Optimized for High Ad Revenue
  • Name Sharable
  • Easy to Install
  • Super Fast Loading Speed
  • AutoPlay Music
  • Better Design
  • Change Any Images

Now if you do not know how to customize Valentine day Wishing Scripts, then we have already published an article on this topic, so that you can learn to customize Wishing Script according to your website and you can easily customize this Valentine day Wishing Script. Now I am going to give you a free viral script to wish Valentine’s Day in this article. You can share your friends with the help of Facebook and Whatsapp by clicking on the link given below.

valentine day wishing script

In Conclusion

Wishing Scripts are very popular today but more important than that, because Valentine day is not only celebrated by western country now, but all Indians also celebrate this event very happily. so you must use this Valentine day Wishing Script to create a Wishing Website Should be made so that you can do online earning very easily.

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