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Learn Why is Valentine’s Day celebrated? – And His Story of valentine’s day history.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated every year on the 14th of February, Valentine’s Day is celebrated with great vigor in Western countries but this does not mean that it is not celebrated in Eastern countries. Eastern countries have their own distinct style of celebrating it. Valentine’s Day has always been a special day for lovers. All over the world wait for this day every year. Valentine Week is celebrated before Valentine’s Day, which is celebrated from 7 February to 14 February.

In which different types of days have been set for seven days. Let’s know what was the main reason behind celebrating Valentine’s Day and what gifts should be given on Valentine’s Week and what each day means and why Valentine’s Day is celebrated. We are going to answer all these questions through this article today.

Is Valentine’s Day a Public Holiday?

Valentine’s Day is no its not a public holiday. Businesses have normal opening hours.

Valentine’s Day History

Every February 14 lovers celebrate Valentine’s Day with loving gifts and letters. Be it friends, lovers, parents or our well wishers. we celebrate Valentine’s Day in honor of St. Valentine. If you don’t know who is “St. Valentine“? So you know that these are the saints because of which we and you celebrate this day of love on today’s date. There are different views on where or how Valentine’s Day celebrations began. Let’s know some interesting things about the history of valentines.

How did Valentine’s Day start?

On February 15 a festival called Lupercalia was celebrated in Rome. The festival was dedicated to his god Lupercalia. who was his farming god. The festival was celebrated from 13–15 February in which Romanians sacrificed goats and dogs and then bathed their skin in blood. Even more surprising thing is that by taking the bloodied skins of the sacrificial animals, people used to kill the visitors, whether women or men. Instead of being afraid of them, pregnant women used to put their hands forward for good delivery and those women who are infertile used to do the same.

During this festival a kind of “Mangni Lottery” was held. In which men used to pick up their names in a random manner in a jar filled with the names of women and then during the festive period or later they would get involved in marriage.

Why is Valentine’s Day celebrated

If we talk about the history of Valentine’s Day, then Valentine’s Day was named after the Catholic priest St. Valentine who lived in Rome. At that time Rome was ruled by Claudius, the king of a very powerful empire and needed a large army to further expand his empire. But as soon as he came to know that the people of Rome who have a family and who have wives and children do not want to go to the army, as soon as the king came to know about this, he stopped all marriages and his decisions. Nobody could resist.

But the people there did not like this at all. All those people who were a priest (Catholic priest) did not like this absurd decision at all. one day they got a loving couple. And when that couple asked him to marry them, St. Valentine agreed to this and took them to a secret place and got them married. But this was not secret and it reached the king of Rome. As soon as the king came to know about this. he imprisoned Valentin and sentenced him to death.

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Meanwhile, when Valentin was in jail, people used to visit him and give him different kinds of roses and gifts. With this. He wanted to tell how much he believed in love and how correct his decision was. In this way, people continued to meet him and Saint Valentin was given death sentence on 14 February AD 269, thus in the memory of Valentines, on Valentine’s Day every year on February 14, the sacrifice of joy and love and love In order to preserve the memory of Valentine. This day started to be celebrated, which is still celebrated as Valentine’s Day on 14 February every year.

Who was saint valentine?

saint valentineSaint Valentine was a priest. The Roman Emperor Claudius Gothicus took a drastic decision in the third century. In which he said that unmarried men are better soldiers than married men. Because the responsibility and responsibility of marriage and family ceases to be the power and wisdom of soldiers. So they banned marriage. Valentin saw this injustice and continued to secretly marry loving couples. When the ruler came to know about this, he sentenced Valentin to death.

According to another belief, Valentin must have been killed while rescuing Christians from the merciless prisons of Rome. Another belief is that Valentin was a prisoner and loved the jailer’s daughter. He first sent himself a Valentine greeting jailer’s daughter who had come to meet him in his prison cell and Valentin fell in love with her. It is said that Valentin wrote in his greeting at the end – “From your Valentine”, your Valentine, which we still use you today. Although these stories are very strange but the real thing is that even today, this day is considered as a romantic day.

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Usually in France and England during the Middle Ages. It was believed that 14 February was the beginning of the mating season of birds. And this connected the idea to Valentine’s Day that this day should be a day of romance.

Greeting on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day greetings were also popular until the Middle Ages. Although hand-written valentine cards did not start to appear even after 1400. The oldest Valentine card still exists today. It was sent as a poem by Charles, Duke of Orleans to his wife in 1415. At that time he was imprisoned in the Tower of London during the Agincourt War. This greeting is now part of the manuscript collection of the British Library in London, England.

It is believed that many years after this. King Henry V hired a writer named John Lydgate to write a valentine note to Catherine of Vallois.

Valentine’s Day in today’s time

According to the Greeting Card Association. Today, about 1 billion Valentine’s Day cards are sent every year. Which makes Valentine’s Day the second largest card-sending holiday of the year. Above this, approximately 2.6 billion cards are sent for Christmas. You will be surprised to know that men buy more cards for Valentine’s Day than women.

King of Valentine’s Day. Which all singles hope to find their way. Cupid is a love god and the son of Venus, the goddess of seduction beauty and love. Cupid shoots a small arrow (flower depending on the story). which makes two people fall in love. It is said that Cupid made all the pairs present in the whole universe.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated with great noise. Those who love start preparing for it a week in advance. so that they cannot miss a single day. Boys propose to each other and celebrate Valentine’s Day by giving gifts. On the day of Valentine’s Day many hearts join and some break. But every loving person considers this day whole heatedly. You may want to say why only one day for love. but still what is the harm in making extra special for your lover one day in this run filled life.

Valentine’s Week Day

Valentines Week is celebrated every year from 7 February to 14 February. In these 7 days, every day is celebrated in a very exciting way among lovers from all over the world. And everyone is waiting for these 7 days with loud noise. Valentine Week 7 February which begins with Rose Day. And on 14 February, it ends on Valentine’s Day. Let’s know what is done in these valentine’s day list 7 days of Valentine’s Week and what is their name.

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Which day is 7th Feb to 14th Feb

7 February Rose Day
8 February Propose Day
9 February Chocolate Day
10 February Teddy Day
11 February Promise Day
12 February Hug Day
13 February Kiss Day
14 February Valentine Day

As we all know that Valentine is celebrated as a festival for the whole week. Let’s know how the Valentine’s Festival is celebrated throughout the week.

Valentine Week 7 February Rose Day.Happy rose dayThe festival of love or Valentine Week starts from 7 February and the day of 7 February is celebrated as Rose Day. On this day the loved ones gift each other a rose because the symbol rose has a different meaning. like That :-

When someone is given a white rose, it means I am sorry

Giving yellow roses means you are my best friend

Giving pink roses means I like you

And giving Red roses means I love you

Thus, on the 7th of February in Valentines Week, one can express his mind by giving such different roses.

Valentine’s Week 8 February Propose Daypurpose dayFebruary 8 is celebrated as Propose Day in Love Week or Valentine’s Week. People who love each other love to express their love on this day and many ways to make it excited. Propose to his lover by adopting different style.

Valentine’s Week 9th February Chocolate DayChocalate dayThe day of February 9 in Love Festival Week or Valentine’s Week is called as Chocolate Day. On this day, lovers give each other in a chocolate gift which is used to strengthen a relationship. Chocolate is a gift filled with sweetness. which also adds sweetness to their relationship.

Valentine Week 10 February Teddy DayTeddy-DayFor those in love, Valentine’s Week is celebrated as Teddy Day on February 10. On this day, lovers give each other gifts as Teddy Bear and others like him. who always have them And remind them of their loved ones, that’s why we celebrate this day as Teddy Bear Day.

Valentine’s Week 11 February Promise daypromise dayIn Valentine week, the day of February 11 is called Promise Day. In this day, lovers make some promises to each other. And vows are taken to fulfill them In this way, this day is celebrated as Promise Day.

Valentine’s Week 12 February Hug DayHappy-Hug-DayCelebrated on 12 February in Valentine Week as Hug Day, on this day lovers love each other and share their inner feelings and embrace and express love.

Valentine’s Week 13th February Kiss Daykiss dayIn Valentine’s Week. The day of February 13 is celebrated as Kiss Day. On this day lovers spend more and more time staying with each other. so that they get to know each other’s things. And the depth of your love is also known.

Valentine’s Week 14 February Valentine’s Dayvalentines-dayThe main day in Valentine week is 14 February. Which is celebrated as Valentine’s Day. On this day, the enthusiasm of those who love is made. And he likes to spend the whole day with each other. They do different things like giving different gifts to each other Moving them to different places.

What is today’s special love day?

Valentine’s Day is only a day that is known for love. But for lovers. There is no need of any day or date nor any place. Because love is a word that everyone should ever No ever happens and everyone should take time for this. Because this is the moment that will never come back again and these moments you celebrate your family member best friend with your wife and your friends. Because it is a symbol of love and there is nothing more in it.

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